Coltrane’s Giant Steps Solo Like You’ve Never Seen it Before!

Giant Steps, is a wonderful example of fractal music. I started this animation project in an effort to explore different ways of looking for evidence of fractal structure in Trane’s famous solo. Instead of just visualizing the saxophone, I thought it would be super fun to be able to see how the entire quartet interacted. Here are the giants you hear in this recording:

John Coltrane – tenor saxophone
Tommy Flanagan – piano
Paul Chambers – bass
Art Taylor – drums

Using a variety of tools, including Logic X, ML, and Melodyne, I integrated raw data from The Jazzomat Research Project with a derived/transcribed MIDI realization and synchronized this with the original audio. I rendered the result using the wonderful visualization app, MIDITrail by Masashi Wada:

Ideally, the piano and drums could use a bit more work (I’m still refining the process) and even the sax and bass could use some tweaking, but the consensus among my musical colleagues was that it’s time to release this version into the wild. Here is a new article with details regarding the fractal analysis of the solo:…

Happy listening!

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