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Here is the audition text:

I’ve decided to write a diary about my ventures into the world of photography with my phone. A few years back people would be wondering: what does he mean, photography with my phone? Is that a misprint surely? Doesn’t he mean photography with my camera? What IS he talking about, the muppet?
But no, you heard right. Photography with my phone. My smart phone.

Phoneography …

Smartphoneography …


It will chart the ups and the downs, the lefts and the rights of my incursions into this brave new world of online photographic socialising. Never before in the history of mankind have so many people owed so much to such little cameras. The average person takes more photos in one day than everyone did in the whole of the 18th century.

I’m not an average person, so I’ll probably take about three times more. And probably of more interesting things because obviously the cameras are a lot better than they were then. And being located in London, the capital of Britain, I’m ideally placed to capture a full array of people, events, pageants, oddities, weirdos, different hairstyles. It’s the place where anything goes. And I will go to that place, with my phone in hand (or pocket).

I don’t have that many people to talk to about all this sociable media so the diary will be a great sounding board for my own photographic musings and otherwise. And I think I have something to give the world out there. Me, that is, and my phone. My smart phone.

This will be the diary of me, the Secret Smartographer.

We think Jamie really nailed the character: a combination of cluelessness, grandiosity, loneliness, general eccentricity. A Pythonesque trainspotter who has discovered iPhone photography and Instagram.

Obviously, we don’t expect a perfect match, but we really want a fully-developed character.

Please make sure your audition is in mp3 or m4v format, and that your name is in the filename, i.e, bran_brainy.mp3. Please mail to

Thank you.