Knox Bronson ~ Froggy Says “Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens!”

We want to thank the following donors of the past couple days for their generous donations. We are at $2935 half-way through the second week, which is great. I will throw in a 8″x16″ unsigned print of “Froggy Says, …” to whoever takes us over the $3K mark before midnight.

Herewith, in chronological order:

  • Anonymous
  • David Scott Leibowitz
  • Lu Guada
  • Roger Guetta
  • Karen Divine
  • Anonymous
  • Tracy Thomas
  • John Mallon
  • Andrew Proudlove
  • T. Wendell Peek
  • Gladys Constanten
  • David Schuster (again!)
  • Anonymous
  • Gina Sama

Thank you, everybody!

On another note, I received this note from someone:

All the updates you want to do can be accomplished simply with the graphpaperpress ecommerce WordPress theme. It costs about $70 for a quarterly membership to download their themes. Very easy to setup and customize. Total for a year of hosting and site would be $250. Really not sure if you need a whole campaign for this. Hope you don’t have a developer who is overcharging.

I appreciate the concern and also the opportunity to address this misapprehension of our goals for the new P1xels site.

We are not just upgrading the site.

We’ve already done that as a response to the database emergency that was happening a little over a month ago, necessitating the move of a half a terabyte of images and the database to a new home, along with the design and creation of a temporary WordPress theme. And all the tweaking, troubleshooting, debugging (PixelEx is still not quite there) that goes with such an endeavor.

We are developing a whole new site and user experience, for both artists and the public: built on html5, responsive, retina-ready, adaptive, cross-platform, mobile-friendly, with a whole new navigation system.

We are implementing all sorts of social network features, artist galleries, profiles, and such. There are other features planned down the road, which I cannot disclose at this time.

So it is imperative to build the foundation for the future of P1xels—the artists and the community—in a manner that can grow and adapt as things continue to evolve and expand NOW. Many issues we are correcting are things I was worried about two-and-a-half years ago, when we had one thousand pictures on the site. Today we approach sixteen thousand curated images.

I hurriedly built the site back in Dec. 2009, and we’ve all been paying the price ever since, in terms of features and user experience. As I’ve said many times, I had no idea P1xels would take off like this, along with the whole iPhonic art movement.

There is no off-the-shelf solution that will work for this.

We have been the victim of our own success from day one, with everything that goes along with that.

We will have a whole new site that will enable us to feature work, artists, articles, galleries in a whole new way, saving me a ton of time, so that I might focus on more important things I’ve been forced to neglect for awhile. Artists will have a lot more control over their images, although the front end of P1xels will always be curated.

But I thank you for your concern. Please feel free to contribute to the campaign and to share it with your friends.