Take part in the P1xels’ Indiegogo campaign, or Bebe gets it.

Just a quick note to thank everybody who has made a contribution to our Indiegogo campaign for a new P1xels Website. I am so grateful for your support. Please tell your friends about the campaign. The link is http://indiegogo.com/P1xels … share it freely, like we shared the love in the sixties!

And a public thank you to these generous fans of the site and of the iPhonic art movement. In order received, so far:

  • unruly-e
  • anonymous
  • Patty Murray
  • David Schuster
  • Alon Goldsmith
  • Bobbi McMurry
  • Sjb21
  • Ale Di Gangi
  • Irene Oleksiuk
  • Shane Martin
  • contribute1343842506
  • James Clarke
  • Elaine Nimmo
  • Angie Jansen
  • Rebekah Schiller
  • Paul Toussaint
  • Damian De Souza
  • Robert Kato
  • Andy Schmitt
  • Dieter Gaebel
  • Warren Hukill
  • Elodie Hunting
  • Linda Schenck
  • Thomas Swope
  • Kris Torma
  • Colin Remas Brown
  • Butow Maler
  • Glenn Homann

I’d like to thank all these generous people. Every little bit helps. If you can’t contribute money (and I know that some people are dealing with some difficult situations), I would greatly appreciate you telling your friends, posting on Facebook, tweeting, etc. We still have over three weeks to go, but it is very important to keep momentum going. Thanks all! —Knox

P.S. For example you could simply click the “Like” button below—It’s easy, painless, and effective!