We got back from our trip to New York City for the Apple event last night and when we got in, I  checked email and saw that a few friends had alerted us that Mashable, the site of record regarding social networks and emergent technology, published an article The Ten Essential Sites For iPhone Photographers and put Pixels—The Art of the iPhone at Number One!

I’ve been a longtime reader of the Mashable site and I must say this was an unexpected honor for us, for which we are most grateful. As always, thanks MUST go to their artists who share their work on this site. It is they who make Pixels the best iPhonographic website and, possibly, now that I think about it, the most vibrant online art gallery in existence.

Maia Panos At Apple Soho With "Morning Glow" On Screen

On another note, our NYC Apple Store event in Soho went well with Maia Panos & Jon Betts doing a wonderful job of introducing their art and their respective creative processes. There was a nice turn-out from the local iphonographic community, and for that we were very grateful. It was a treat to meet Sion Fullana and Flo Meissner of Eye’em, both very well-known within the iphonographic community, and everybody else who made the trek to the Soho store.

L-toR: Well-known iPhonograper Sion Fullana, Knox Bronson, and Flo Meissner, founder of Eye'em. A splendid time was had by all.

Next stop, Santa Monica Apple store, November 11, 7 p.m., on the Third Street Promenade! We hope you can make it.