Here is the letter I just sent to the contributing artists:

Hi Everybody-

I’ve spent the past year curating and building the book, of which I’m sure you are aware you are a part. It’s almost finished and it looks absolutely amazing, featuring approximately 126 of you artists from around the world.

I have not been able to secure a publishing deal, no matter how brilliant my proposal and presentations were and our combined social media reach (3.7 Million!).

The printer I was going to use has changed their terms since we began talking a year ago and they now have a minimum order of 500 copies, so that option is out.

After researching our options, I’ve decided to go with, a print-on-demand book vendor. They print premium photo books, amongst other things.

The book will be 8.5″x11″ (216×279 mm), and be 350 pages. The hardcover version will be $85.00. The paperback version will be $75.

I hope you will buy a copy to see your work in the company of some of the absolute best iPhone art from the past twelve-and-a-half years. And I hope you will tell your friends about it as well.

This book has been a long haul, starting with the founding of this website in late 2009 and our subsequent gallery shows over the next few years. (And all the other stuff we’ve done) The site is still going and you are invited, always, to share your pictures there again any time you want. :)

I started working on the book in earnest three years ago: preliminary curation (33K images on the website), creating a full proposal and outline for publishers, reworking them, querying publishers, then agents, then publishers again …

Final curation, with the invaluable assistance of Maia Panos, began about a year ago and I began building the book section by section. There was a fair amount to write, as well. The writing is almost done. We only have a few more artists to curate.

Some days I just look through the 150 two-page page spreads I’ve already built and I am overjoyed when I see your work in the presence of all the other beautiful work. I don’t mind bragging: I’ve done a great job in presenting and featuring your art, in terms of design. :)

So thank you all for sharing and allowing me to use your work in this amazing volume.

Gonna close for now.

Stay tuned!