Robin Robertis ~ That rainy day

Robin Robertis ~ That rainy day

A most intriguing, powerful, and somewhat mesmerising image. Beautifully done, apped to perfection: the greyed softening of the background, the placement of his hands, the folds in his robe, colors of persimmon and nutmeg, copper and bronze.

But the whole of the image is simply his gaze toward us. We always come back to his eyes.

Wondering what it is he sees. His expression reveals nothing beyond an abiding serenity, more than a hint of wisdom, and kindness, neither offered nor withheld.

Perhaps that is the point.

Happy Sunday.

Taiko & Koto by On Ensemble 

The On Ensemble is my friend Shoji Kameda’s group. He’s the guy in the middle with the green vest. You can hear his amazing percussion on my song Old Man Cold Man from the album Pop Down The Years.