As often happens, I was looking for something on a hard drive and saw a folder labeled “Whitney.” It could only be Whitney McCleary, so I opened it up and found 90 or so pictures from 2010/2011. Sure enough! Whitney was a senior VP at Adobe who agreed back in 2011 to sponsor an exhibition of iphonic art by Pixels artists at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, PA. I had been working on this show for over a year at this point.

I guess I had assembled a collection of images for her and her associates to look at. I had already done an in-person presentation over in San Francisco and I’m not sure what this collection was for. Probably just reference.

So I though I would post a partial gallery of them. I remember some well, artist and title, some I recognize the artist but can’t recall the title, and some I do not recall at all, hence no attribution. Sorry! I’ll be posting more as we go.

And yes, I will be writing a detailed history of the Warhol show that was not to be, but we have a bunch of other stuff to cover before we get there.

In early 2010, things were just ramping up, the tsunami rising out of the Zeitgeist! My next written installment will be about the Giorgi show and its aftermath and the next one, the Oakbook Gallery Show in Oakland, that opened on May 15, 2010.

All these images came after the Oakbook show, so this is a little out of sequence, but I’m you won’t mind, since the work is so great.