Outdoor shot with iPhone 4G in one of Bill's tests

Bill Storage is an engineer, a modern music enthusiast, a dedicated amateur photographer (who takes approximately 30,000 pictures a year), who also publishes several very intelligent, thoughtful, and well-written blogs about various matters of interest to him. Obviously, photography captures much of his time, energy, and thoughts, and he funnels much of this into his somewhat-techy, somewhat-esthetically focused and very well-informed photography blog, The Eye Game.

He recently tackled the subject of iPhonography in a wonderfully informative piece, wherein he wrote, among other things:

Incidentally, on the topic of disruptive technology, I’ll disrupt the flow of this otherwise rectilinear continuum to point out that my inner engineer was utterly irked by Morgan Stanley’s 424-page report calling the iPhone the most disruptive technology event of all time. My outer engineer was equally irked.  If Morgan’s forgotten about the printing press, steam engine, light bulb, automobile, manned flight, machine gun, atomic bomb, radio, and television, can they remember where they put your money?

As I watched Apple fanboys outside the Market Street store high-fiving each other over membership in the exclusive society of iPhone owners, I wondered what I was missing about the iPhonography/iPhonetography phenomenon. So I borrowed the latest two models of iPhones to see how I liked them as cameras. I was a bit surprised, based on the media praise, at just how bad the images were – from a real-camera user’s perspective.

Bill approaches the question of the iPhone from the engineer’s perspective, features, pixel count, lens, blah blah blah, runs some tests, makes fun of Apple fanboys, and in the end sings the praises of the magic of the iPhone and the images we produce with it.
Well done, Bill.
Read the whole article here.

One last thing Bill: your plea for all phone photographers to “get along?” Never happen. Android phones suck. And the geeks who buy them have not yet learned how to properly app their pictures from the Star Wars convention.