The theme for the cover contest for our November/December Issue is …

PETS (& animals)

Cats, Dogs, Kittens, Puppies, Canaries, Parrots, Horses, Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Monkeys, Seagulls, Dolphins, Goats, Hamsters, Fish, and, of course, let us not forget Pigs!

Any not-human creature you have captured with your iPhone.

That makes it pretty clear, doesn’t it?


Okay, the judges are judging the style/fashion images for the September/October issue of iPhotographer Magazine, as I write this!

Announcing the next Cover Contest for iPM: PETS & ANIMALS.

Submission cost is 3 pictures for $6, 4 pictures for $8, and 6 pictures for $10.

Submission period opens August 28, 2015 and runs to October 17.

First Place Prize is $500, plus cover of the issue with mini-feature on you.

Second Place Prize is a hand-painted painting on canvas of your winning entry, approx. 18″x24″ from


Third Place Prize is a signed copy of David Scott Leibowitz’s great book, Mobile Digital Art.


Twenty-four runner-ups will also be featured in a gallery in the magazine.


Theme for our January/February issue will “Country Life.”

In March/April, the theme will be “Music.”

Stay tuned for details.