Winning entry for our Cover Contest: "Hero Worship" by Meg Greene Malvasi.

Winning entry for our Cover Contest: “Hero Worship” by Meg Greene Malvasi.

Alright, another amazing issue of iPhotographer Magazine! This issue is filled with the kind of articles and featured you will not find anywhere else, celebrating the artists who bring forth beauty, joy, and mystery into our lives.

Here is a simple and not complete list of the issue’s articles & features:

0. Editor’s note by moi.
1. Cover contest winners: Meg Greene Malvasi, Paula Broom, Mandolina Moon, and twenty-four honorable mentions.
2. Exclusive interview with Marty Yawnick of the venerable Life In LoFi blog on the early years of iPhoneography.
3. The iPM History of iPhoneography, 2011, That was the year that was. A great gallery of pictures from our huge show in Santa Ana, California.
4. Blurring The LinesDSLR images apped on iOS devices gallery. Beautiful animal photography by artist Maureen Hanson.
5. Metropolis: Chicago, featuring Petyr Campos and Patricia Jones.
6. Featured Artists: Maia Panos and Meg Greene Malvasi. Plus rogue taxidermist Catherine Coan’s works as photographed by Colin Remas Brown.
7. The P1XELS Animal Gallery curated by T. Wendell Peek.
8. In-depth interview by Kirsten Fenton with iFilmmakers Annabell and Felipe Osorio on the making of their movie, “Good Star,” shot on iPhones, of course.
9. Instagramers: Tanyia den Hoed, Ling Orr, Ai Ling.
10. Egmont Van Dyck – Reflections on the Craft and Art of Photography
11. Neill Barham with a great New Year list of iOS video gear and a great music video, “Dark Waves” by Robot Koch and Delhia de France.
12. The Secret Smartographer as the plot thickens in not-so-sleepy London-town.

Jam-packed with amazing artists and their art. As always, we are pushing the boundaries to help you push yours!


$3.99 per issue or $19.95 for six issues. Available for all iOS devices.