Michael Hill

First off, apologies to Michael Hill for commandeering his wonderful picture to announce a new feature on Pixels—The Art of the iPhone: {orpheum ~ wednesday.noir}.

Had a minor revelation today, got in two series of b&w’s from two different artists … it occurred to me that we should do a weekly feature of black and white photography here on Pixels. We get plenty of it in. Beautiful images. Some of you are probably aware that I consider iphonic art to be primarily a color medium, but I love a good black-and-white as much as the next person. I even make one once in a while. I still consider photography a black-and-white medium, strange to say. Well, art photography anyway.

So … if you sent in a black-and-white today, I have earmarked it for possible inclusion in the {orpheum ~ wednesday.noir} gallery which will be published sometime this coming Wednesday. I know everybody likes to see their work published immediately, but I think the impact will be much greater if we release all the best b&w’s of the week at the same time. If you don’t want me to hold your b&w’s, let me know & I’ll just publish them as always, but they won’t go into the orpheum.

And lastly, thanks to Michael Hill for inadvertently suggesting a much needed title ~ orpheum ~ for the new feature. Thanks, Michael. Great pic!