Beautiful, isn’t it? All inspired by PIXELS artists.

I just sent my paperback proof copy to an agent at fairly big time NYC literary agency with whom I’ve had a relationship for quite a few years.

We discussed the book when I was first writing the proposal and outline four years ago. She, like many people out there, didn’t grasp the kind of work we have been doing since 2009. The fact is, you can’t understand it until you experience it yourself.

The book brings home our movement like nothing else I’ve ever seen since I launched PIXELS and started doing the gallery shows in January of 2010. The experience of holding this big, solid book in my hands, finally, with its beautiful layout and endlessly amazing pictures, far exceeded my expectations. To this day, when I open it up, it pulls me right in and I have to just keep turning pages until I get to the end, even after living with it closely for four years and the PIXELS site for 12.

I believe (hope) my agent friend will finally grasp why the book needs a publisher and distribution, and why it should be in bookstores and libraries and homes.

Self-publishing is the kiss of death as far as publishers are concerned, so I am eliminating evidence of it everywhere I can. If we are not able to sell the book to a publisher, I will make the book publicly available on Lulu once again. But this could take months, so you might want to order one now, if you haven’t already.

I will leave the book up on until Wednesday if you wish to buy a copy yourself.

If you wish to purchase a copy after that, please write to me directly and I will send you a private link.

Thanks again to all the artists for their contributions to this beautiful volume of art history.

Wish us luck!