the seasons cover ~ image by Kate Zari Roberts

the seasons cover ~ image by Kate Zari Roberts

I have just released a cd, the seasons {remixed/remastered}. The amazing cover image comes from P1xels’ artist Kate Zari Roberts.

You can listen (for free) or purchase (highly recommended) either a download or an actual cd of the album at Bandcamp.

I’ve posted a couple of un-mastered versions of the songs here in the past couple months. The mastering, along with my adjusted mixes, has made all the difference in the world.

This is the seasons as it was always supposed to be, including Kate’s perfect cover image.

Below is a video for autumnal sun. I borrowed an experimental film, The Flicker, by Tony Conrad. I tried to contact him for permission, but could not find him anywhere. Sadly, he died yesterday, on April 9.

I saw The Flicker on the UC Berkeley campus during the summer of 1967.

I do recommend watching it full-screen in a dark room.

Autumnal Sun by Knox Bronson

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