Baron Wolman & Friends

Baron Wolman needs little introduction. He was Rolling Stone Magazine’s first photographer during the golden age of rock and roll, creating scores of iconic images seen and loved around the world. His posters have adorned dorm rooms for decades. His fine art prints have graced museum and gallery walls across the globe. His recent book, Every Picture Tells A Story – Baron Wolman, The Rolling Stone Years, is in its third printing already.

I knew Baron when I was just a wee sprout. Prior to working for Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone, he worked with my father doing photography for a small, but very influential conservation magazine, Cry California, of which my dad was editor. In the spring of 1967, I made my way to the Haight-Ashbury and visited Baron and his ballerina wife, Juliana. It was so exciting for this lad. I was going to go to the Fillmore that night, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band headlining. I spent the afternoon with Baron and, to this day, I will never forget how he had to explain how these bands got on stage and improvised much of what they were playing within the structure of the songs.

In 1970, Baron founded a magazine called Rags, dedicated to fashion, mostly street fashion, that made a huge impact on yours truly in terms of sartorial awareness. It only lasted for a year or so, but it was a marvel of design and ultra-hipness and was simply decades ahead of its time.

Baron is huge fan of the art and artists of P1xels, loves what we are doing here and he agrees with me that we are doing something that is not really photography, but rather a new and wonderful art form. He is opening a gallery in Santa Monica and we are hoping to collaborate on some shows in the coming year.

When I asked him if he would be a judge for THE THIRD WAVE, he enthusiastically agreed and I am most grateful.

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