Here is the list of images which will be hanging as prints at the Garden Gate Center (formerly Giorgi Gallery). I will be posting a list of the images which will appear in the digital feed in the next few days. I will also be posting a gallery of the highest-voted images, which will be presented at The OutOfMyMind Gallery in Bremen, Germany, opening December 21.

The show will be viewable at the Garden Gate Center November 29, the third anniversary of the launch of the P1xels website. The opening celebration will be Saturday, December 1, at 6 p.m. If you are anywhere near Berkeley (and even if you aren’t!) I hope you will join us for this incredible showcase. The show will run through then end of January, Thursday-Sunday, noon to six. I’ll be there, so please drop by.

I want to thank everybody who submitted images for consideration. It was an amazing body of work. The medium has come a long, long way in three short years since our first show. I applaud the global community of iphoneographers who continue to push this rapidly evolving medium I like to call iphonic art into beautiful new realms of expression. I also wish to thank the jury, Baron Wolman, Glyn Evans, Daniel Marcolina, John Seed, and Maia Panos, for their willingness to tackle the difficult task of judging this show.

Butow Maler    Dea
Aylin Argun    Soul Train
James Clarke    The Philadelphia Experiment
Maia Panos    Bunny
Chad Rankin    Adolescent fantasy of running away with a two-ring circus
Barbara duBois    Chinatown
Cat Morris    Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm
Delta Martin    Exposed
David Schuster    Windy Day
Marie Matthews    The Evolution of Thought
Helen Breznik    Kelvina
Glenn Homann    Sheep
Jamie Stewart    The Wood Of Broken Promises
Kristina Ernst    Fence
Mariko Klug    Big Maple Plain/Austria
Irene Oleksiuk    Working In The Rain
Richard Gray    Miss Scarlet and Mr. Mustard
Ivo Coric    Voayer
Brandi Eiger    Fertile Ground
T. Wendell Peek    Mutual Embrace
Damian DeSouza    I Dance For Love
Elaina Wilcox    Nude
Lanie Heller    Hushed
Davide Caponi    Collapsed
Kris Torma    Deer
unruly-e    Fever, toothache, dreadful disappointments, and death.
Andrew Lucchesi     FrankenBatman
Johanna Streich    Wish You Were Here
Natali Prosvetova    My Own Microcosm
Tracy Munson    Boat Dreams On A Hill
Mansi Bhatia    Choo-choo Train
Susan Thompson    Maggie May
Dilshad Abdulla    Pulcinella
Rudy Vogel     What Is A Man?
Rad Drew    Fountain Sq. Alley
Christopher Swink    Reds no. 4
Amo Passicos    Horses
Paul Toussaint    Close The Door
Klaudia Cechini    Sigaretta
Shirley Drevich    White Orchids
Gordon Fraser    Movement 6
Hans Borghorst    Pogo At The Pier
Elodie Hunting    Not A Mirror
Bobbi McMurry A Quiet Place
Margrit Gunnarstein    Faroe Sheep
Fiona Christian    A Winter’s Day
Dan Marcolina    Night and Day
Max T. Frame    Mo-to-ko
Andrew Proudlove    At The End Of The Road
Ari Rapo    Destination
Johnny Eckó     Sede cum cor vestrum
Ava Naves    Stamens and Stigmas Series II
Cindy Patrick    Beach Impressions #11
Lu Guada    Memories Can’t Wait
Audria Ruscitti    Eclipse
Roger Guetta    Pastoral Memory
Shane Martin    Dunes
Rosanna Cappiello    Mind 1
Pierre Hauser    Toronto School Of Art
Knox Bronson    Metropolitan Home