Do we have your attention yet? I thought it was a fair question.

Do we have your attention yet? I thought it was a fair question at the time. Still do.

I launched P1XELS Magazine three years ago, in both print and digital format. At the time, it was my intention to do an issue every quarter. As P1xels took off and took over my life, I found that I didn’t just have the time to produce the issues. If you wonder where all the time went, you might want to watch my talk at Macworld two months ago, The Secret and True History of P1xels—The Art of the iPhone.

So P1XELS Magazine releases got attached to our shows, that is, a collection of images from the first shows we did around the country. That worked fairly well to document what was happening in the rapid evolution of the movement.

Last year, we only published two issues of P1XELS: A collection of nudes, The Nudes of P1xels, beautifully curated by Rosanna Cappiello (who is launching her own digital magazine, Mob Fiction, soon) and another issue of nudes, entitled Charisma Lane, featuring photos of model Charisma Lane apped by P1xels‘ artists from around the world. Both are wonderful celebrations of art and the female form.

So … I have gone far afield here. I just wanted to announce the FREE DOWNLOAD of the first issue of  P1XELS Magazine, celebrating, I don’t know, three years of intermittent P1XELS Magazine publication!

As an aside, we are about to launch a new digital magazine on the Apple Newsstand, iPhotographer. I wrote about that the other day and will be writing a lot more about in the coming weeks. It is my intention to get back to P1XELS Magazine at some point and release a number of themed issues.

Artist Ramona Gillentine has curated a beautiful collection of black-and-white images from the past three years on P1xels, for example. I think it’s time to do another nudes issue.  And I have not done one yet for the recent THIRD WAVE show … that is rather lame, since I promised one in the call for submissions. I just remembered this minute. Okay, on the to-do list. And I have been planning a “Top 101” images from the first three years of P1xels for a while—I actually have the first two years’ images chosen! But that will probably be a book.

It dawned on me some months ago that I have always subconsciously thought of P1xels as a publishing venture. We will see where it all leads, if anywhere at all.

Click here to download your free digital copy of the very first magazine devoted to iPhoneography, iphonic art, mobile photograhy, whatever you want to call it, ever published, P1XELS Magazine, here.

A gift from a clam to a cioppino.

Sun by Donovan, from his album, Gift From A Flower To A Garden

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