Here’s the new poster. I reduced all the font sizes … white space is such an important part of design. It’s a lesson one keeps learning over and over.

This post has been updated to reflect the fact that I was informed last night that P1xels is no longer part of the 1197 event in New York City. THE THIRD WAVE will still run from November 29 – February 22 for a total run of almost four months.

This is an OPEN CALL For Submissions for the P1xels Third Annual Global Exhibition, THE THIRD WAVE. This year, we are exhibiting prints and digital images. Here is the original announcement for the show.

We will be accepting submissions until October 31, Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

This show will run in two cities, Berkeley and Bremen, Germany, for a combined running time of almost four months.

All entrants will have at least one image displayed in Berkeley on a large flat-screen monitor in rotating curated sequences. These digitally displayed images will be available as an rss feed and will be tweeted as being part of the show. A great way for artists to build their CVs. Some artists may have several images included in feeds.

Much more information after the jump (Continue Reading link), but if you simply want to enter, click the Pay Now button and when you are done, you will be taken to a page with instructions on sending images in for the show.

Please MAIL submissions to—do NOT use PixelEx for submissions! Please include your full name, titles of images, your city and country. If you want submit more than eight images, you may do so for an additional fee.

Due to the change in scope of the exhibit, entry fee has been reduced to $25. Prior registrants will receive a refund of $5.

We will be exhibiting about fifty-five archival prints in Berkeley, varying in size from 8″x10″, 10″x13″, 13″x19″, 17″x22″, up to 28″x38″ for two months, along with the digital feed of as yet an indeterminate number.  At least thirty archival prints will be shipped to Bremen(on 13″x19″ or 17″x22″ archival paper) for the two-month run there.Artists will NOT be charged for larger print costs, mounting, and hanging, as these are done at the discretion of the P1xels jury.

As always, all photos must be shot with and processed using an Apple iPhone.  No computer-based processing allowed.  Any model of the iPhone may be used. Any image found to be taken with another device or processed on a desktop or laptop computer will result in entrant being disqualified and forfeiture of entry fee. Note: photos taken with and apped on any iOS device are also eligible for submission (please specify if iPad, for purposes of classification).

Entry Fee:  $25.00 for eight images.

If you are registered and have paid your entry fee and still are unsure what to do, go to this page:


Submissions will be accepted until midnight, October 31, 2012. This will give us just enough time to  curate, print and mount images for Berkeley, and create digital streams for Berkeley November 29 opening. And squeeze in choosing prints for Bremen show.

Prizes: Inasmuch I believe that art is not a contest and that inclusion of work in this very selective show will be a measure of great esteem, I am aware that most people love this aspect of exhibitions. So, we will have one Grand Prize winner, nine honorable mentions, and twenty runner-ups. These are the thirty images that will go to Bremen, Germany (we may send other images as well), but these thirty will be sure to go. All thirty artists will receive a free pdf version of the THE THIRD WAVE edition of P1XELS Magazine. The Grand Prize Winner and nine Honorable Mention Artists will have galleries and video interviews in the interactive iBook/eBook extended version of the issue, and will receive copies. There will be a Grand Prize, as well, but I have no idea what it is going to be yet. Of course the Grand Prize winning image will be on the covers of the print and interactive versions of the exhibition book. Every artist who gets a printed image in show will have the option of putting images on our fine art print site for signed editions,

To be eligible for the P1xels exhibition, you should first be a registered artist on this site. Register with a valid email account that is tied to your PayPal account, please. If you are new to Pixels: The Art of the iPhone, you should probably also read our general submissions guidelines.

Unsigned prints will be available for sale at the exhibits. Artist may set price or ask us to do so. Sale price will be split between the artist 30%, the gallery 40%, and P1xels 30%. In the event that more than one print is sold of an image, a printing charge will be deducted from price of print, then split between artist, gallery, P1xels. For example a 17″x22″ (43×56 cm) print will cost $45 for an archival giclée print. Smaller prints will be proportionately less. This is what we pay at Electric Works, one of the finest digital print service bureaus in San Francisco.

Regarding Mailing of Prints to Artists and Replacement Prints For Those Sold

I got an email from an artist from Europe who wants to enter the show, but is concerned about mailing costs for a mounted enlargement from here in Berkeley to his country.

It is a valid concern.

As I mentioned, we are not asking artists to pay for their enlargements or for any hanging costs. I do, of course, understand the concern of being surprised with a big shipping bill when the show is over.

So what I am going to do is not mount the pictures up to 17″x22″ (43×56 cm), but rather use wall mounted displays for images up to that size. That way, when the show is done, we can roll the prints up in tubes and mail them to Europe inexpensively, no more than $20, or less. I will contact artists about any individual images that we might want to make bigger than 17″x22″ (43×56 cm) before committing to that possible increase in cost.

The prints that ship from the Bremen, Germany, show to Europe will ship for less, obviously.

Unsold prints will be returned to artists, mailing costs to be covered by artists. Prints up to 17″x22″ (43×56 cm) will not be mounted and will be mailed in tubes. I will do everything in my power to keep the mailing costs around $20-25 or less.

I hope that this clarifies the issue and that everyone will find this to be a reasonable solution. I am, as always, open to suggestions. I ask anybody with a question to write me directly. I will answer you!

Thank you!