Hi All—

I am happy to report that judging is complete for THE THIRD WAVE exhibition.

I have not begun to go through the results, save for a few spot checks. I must say I found a few surprises. I’ll be tabulating in the next couple of days and posting results.

I did a test run of the digital feed for the show yesterday at the gallery, with the projection unit. Very pleased with the results. But it occurred to me that I had to make a decision about the timing of images as well as the tweeting of them that I hoped to do. I can’t show images for a minute duration in the gallery. People won’t stand there for a minute waiting for a slide to change. Even twenty seconds is a long time for a slide show, but I can’t tweet an image every ten seconds: people would just ignore the twitter feed at that point.

So I have decided to just do a projected repeating slide show, minus twitter. That way, artists will gain maximum exposure for their images while people are actually standing in the gallery. And artists can still claim the show as part of their C.V.

I would once again like to thank the judges for their work in the difficult task of sorting through an amazing and diverse collection of submissions. So, a very sincere thank you to Glyn Evans, Baron Wolman, Dan Marcolina, Baron Wolman, and Maia Panos for their time and energy, on behalf of the whole community. I know they all took their task very seriously.

Lastly, I would like to thank Audria Ruscitti for her amazing effort in helping getting the posts up on the judging site so quickly. I couldn’t have done it without her. Thank you, Audria!

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