I’ve updated the Curation page, in case anyone is interested.

It’s a great day that starts with a Hipstamatic shot of a gum-wrapper tree. I wish I could find its companion piece: the Hipstamatic shot of a pot of boiling water I received around the same time.

P1xels is the only curated iphonic art site on the web. In the very early days of the site, I probably published three-quarters of the images that came in. Today, the number is about around one-quarter of the submissions. I can’t offer a reason for why that is so. At least a reason that would make sense to both you and me.

From the beginning, I have believed that we are working in a new medium and to gain entry into the art world, we must produce work of a caliber that will stand by timeless and classic works of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. That means hard work and, here at P1xels, the pain of rejection.

It means creating work that will stand up to, say, Warhol or Matisse or Monet, if you consider yourself a “mobile photographer,” Cindy Sherman or Henri Cartier-Bresson or Alfred Stieglitz. My son runs a hip-hop label and tells his artists, “You are competing with Jay-Z, not the rapper down the street.” This applies to iphonic art as well.

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