Clayton Taylor sent in these lovely images, which immediately captured my attention. I wrote to him and asked if I could make a gallery of them, and I also inquired as to how he created them. He kindly assented to my request and said this about his unique approach to iphoneography:

To make these images I first start off by making the subject.  As a print designer I am obsessed with type and things like that so I enjoy designing even when it isn’t for work.  I design the subjects, and print multiple elements out on a large format printer on different paper stocks and textures. Sometimes I fold up different types of paper as well (I have attached a few of those images).  Then I photograph them.  I love doing this because it abstracts the subject, and ads depth and the kind of feel I am looking for.  I use Camera+, and Procamera to capture the images, then I use Photoforge2, Picfx, CropSuey, PS Express, TiltShiftGen, and Instagram to achieve the look, feel, and colorization that I want. The work flow varries from image to image slightly, but most of the time, I put it into CropSuey first to crop and straignten, then I bounce it around Photoforge2 and Camera+ a for a bit, then I add the depth of field last with TiltShiftGen.  If an image is a  little noisy, then I put it through PS Express first.

Thank you, Clayton, and welcome to P1xels.