Knox Bronson ~ Bale Grist Mill, St. Helena

Knox Bronson ~ Bale Grist Mill, St. Helena

I was up in the wine country with Kirsten Fenton and Dan Patarazzi recently. I took them to the iPhotographer Magazine iPhotography show at the Markham Vineyards Gallery. After that, we went up to the Bale Grist Mill to shoot some pictures.

Kirsten beat me to the punch with a similar shot of the mill from this angle (and hers was much better), so I thought I’d wait a while before posting mine.

P1xels has a new permanent home in the Amazon S3 Cloud. I am so relieved! We needed to move the site to a very stable ISP like WPEngine and a rock-solid storage for all the images that have come in over the years. I knew the job was going to be difficult and it was. It took over two weeks to get everything right, or as right as can be. I still need to address the issue of some missing pictures from the very early days, six years ago. I have them, so I may just make some galleries & then I will need help identifying the authors. Many I can remember, but not all. I’ll have to see.

I am also going to port over all the P1xels Tumblr posts over the next few weeks. They’re great. If anyone wants to help with this tedious grunt work (there is no way to automate it), please write me!

Early next year, we will begin the serious of work of rolling in the features we’ve been planning for some time. P1xels will be the site the iphoneographic community has always deserved and it will remain the curated and permanent history of iphonic art and mobile photography.

It has become increasingly clear to me how important this is, in view of some the old sites disappearing and activity on Facebook growing more frenzied and over-saturated. There is no permanence there, nor is there any true searchability, by name or category, for example. I can’t even begin to keep track of all the groups I’ve been added to!

Facebook can never serve the community of artists and the greater global community of art lovers the way P1xels does.

We are just going to make P1xels a whole, whole lot better and I’ll leave it at that for now.