Veronica Hassell ~ Gracelands

Veronica Hassell ~ Gracelands

I sent out a letter to the P1xels community a couple of days ago, wondering if there was enough interest out there to sustain, artistically, the continued publication of the site, since both traffic and submissions are at a much lower level since I brought the site back online after a six-month hiatus.

The response has been wonderful, amazing. Pictures have poured in.

And letter after letter telling me how much P1xels has meant to the writer and to the community. I will probably publish more excerpts at some point – I don’t want to seem like I’m tooting my own horn, the letters have been so generous with praise. I thank you all for taking the time to write.

Veronica sent the following note along with these lovely images. It’s this kind of thought, care, and desire to develop one’s own vision and share it here that has made P1xels what it is.

Hi Knox

When I read your email my heart sank a little. I suppose it’s because everything has to change, it’s inevitable. Some is always good, but mobile art grew so very quickly in the last couple of years that this train almost felt at times like it was derailing.

I feel a settling now from the dust in many ways. I even feel it in my own art. I took such a long break. A really long one. I felt so guilty at first. I jumped off earlier this year so it may have appeared somewhat that I was taking my toys and going home. I looked at the art. I studied it really hard and what I gleaned from it was that I don’t fit a trend. There are so many fucking photo trends right now.

I found myself trying to figure what it was I wanted to be doing. What was important to me. I don’t care to be popular. I have some stories to tell. That’s it. Stories of this farm where my dad who has always been our brick wall is aging and that stoic demeanor is crumbling.

How do I document it with grace and emotion? Stories of these girls growing up as we hate each other, love each other. So many stories.

So, there was a regrouping for me. A very personal one. This series I’m working thru now is Gracelands.

It’s like my first chapter to this story of our farm and some of these magical days that pass as quickly as a breath. It’s a slower pace. Those days of frantic editing are gone. There’s more thought and hidden layers that I’m holding myself to. I will never forget that you gave me a chance by showing my work here. I’m still in the cocoon slowly pulling away the layers.

All my thanks, Knox-

Veronica L Hassell

No … thank you, Veronica! I know I am not alone when I say I look forward to Chapter 2.