Craig’s pictures have been in a couple of our shows in the past. A very talented man.

From the YouTube page:

Winner of Best Animation and Grand Prize Winner for Best Overall Film at the 2012 iPhone Film Festival.

My first attempt at telling a story with stop-motion animation. Shot entirely on the iPhone 4S. Make sure to keep watching until after the end credits. Best heard with a good pair of headphones and with the lights out… if you dare!

LOGLINE: When a woodsman hears the disembodied cries and whispers of his not-so-dearly but recently departed wife, his search for the source brings him to an unexpected and violent confrontation.

Written & Directed by – Craig Anthony Perkins
Produced by – Craig Anthony Perkins / Debora Jo Myers
Cinematography, Editing, Music Score & Sound Design by – Craig Anthony Perkins
Production Design by – Debora Jo Myers
Set Design & Construction by – Maurice C. Baxter Puppet
Construction & Costumes by – Debora Jo Myers
Puppeteers – Craig Anthony Perkins / Debora Jo Myers
Animation & Colorist – Craig Anthony Perkins
Thank You to – Maurice C. Baxter, Herma Rae Baxter, Desdra Dawning
Special Thanks to – Aurélien Potier at Fingerlab for his support and assistance.
Very Special Thanks to – Debora Jo Myers for her inspiration, dedication and invaluable support of which the making of this film would not be possible.
Shot entirely on the  iPhone 4S using the iMotion HD and iMotion Remote apps.
© 2012 Genshi Media Group