I’m not a religious man, in the sense of belonging to a particular church or adhering to a particular set of beliefs. That said, everything in this talk coincides with my own experience and perception in the realm of the Spirit, whatever you wish to call it.

When I first read his book, I noticed they were frothing about it on the lefty blogs I read, calling him an evangelical Republican, etc. (that’s what they do to instantly trivialize and discount one’s ideas/sharings of experience – it’s happened to me and I’m Berkeley old-school liberal to the core!). Then I went over to some more conservative and religious blogs and they were frothing because he says there is no Hell, no punishment, only Love. They need Hell as a tool of secular control within the world system.

I suggest you listen to the whole talk. It’s really wonderful.

And here is the short version:

What can I say? I’m in a weird mood.