I’m about to transform P1XELS into a whole new site, a social network, with, perhaps, a governing board (I hope—this idea popped in my head as I was typing this. Feel free to write with suggestions as to how this could work.), thereby altering the the identity of the site so as to no longer be mostly perceived as an extension of me or my taste in picture, nor require my day-to-day involvement beyond back-end management & a {daily pic} post. We will do galleries curated by volunteer curators, much like some groups on Facebook. This will be just one small aspect of the site. It will be a true community site. There will be groups and forums. Users will have their own pages.

The new P1XELS is the site I have long envisioned for our community. A permanent, searchable archive of the best iPhonic art from the beginning on and now a fully interactive social network where artists and art lovers can gather to discuss and promote our still thriving and nascent medium.

I am hoping the new P1XELS will engender a renaissance of image-making and print-making. And film. And who knows what else? We receive and create so much of today’s world via pixels. On mobile devices. Did I need to mention that?

The purpose of all this is so that I can, I hope, focus more on my own art and music, as well as on promoting them. I will never let P1XELS completely go: it is my baby! But I am hoping to disengage somewhat after this seven-year lifecycle.

The new P1XELS will be my final gift to the community. There will be levels of membership, with low-cost add-ons to the basic feature set for members. This will ensure the ability to fund the running of the site, which I expect to be a huge success. Of course, there will be a free membership level with a profile page, a personal gallery, and full access to all content on the site, groups and forums.

As the video says, coming soon. Stay tuned.

Happy Memorial Day!

(Special thanks to Clarisse Debout, Roger Guetta, and Giancarlo Ricoveri for the use of their images in this video.)

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