Tragedy struck on the home front today. I was gluing the last 2″x6″ boards together, using a biscuit joiner, for the massive table I’ve been working on for two weeks now. I was so focused on the lumber and the glue that I forgot that my favorite coffee mug, which was made by Roger about twenty-five years ago, was sitting on the other half of the table top, also atop on the sawhorses.

The three-plank assembly, to which I was going to glue the final boards, slipped and slammed down on the finished half, catapulting my mug into the air and down to the asphalt below.

All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put my beautiful mug together again.

I called Roger immediately and commissioned a new mug. One that holds a half a pot of coffee like the old one. We all have our rituals. I grind my beans every morning and I use a French press to brew the coffee. I don’t go as far as Beethoven, who counted out exactly forty beans for his morning brew each day, but I have considered it more than once. I steep the coffee for four minutes, pour, and enjoy.

Nothing like the first cup of the day!

I was looking at Roger’s website and found a link to this video. There is something so very cool about working with clay!

I love it that we can hear Devo’s Uncontrollable Urge in the background at the four-minute mark.

Looking forward to my new cup. I don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow morning.

Here are some shots of the table I’m working on. I still need to plane and smooth out the table top. I’ll wait until it’s assembled in the Pixilation Studio.

By the way, I will launching an Indiegogo campaign to help cover construction and equipment costs. I hope you will consider contributing. We will have some cool perks. Stay tuned.

The finished table will be twelve feet by forty-one inches.

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