iPhontography: May 2010 from Pixels At An Exhibition on Vimeo.

Here is a video I made of the gallery show the day after the opening. To those of you who requested that I video the opening, I apologize! I never got a minute to shoot anything.

The opening was a lot of fun. We got a great turnout. Again, it was obvious to me that people still have a hard time grasping that all of these beautiful images were created on iPhones. And those that did, wanted to know what apps everybody uses!

If you are in the area, please join us at the gallery at some point over the next month. We will having a closing party on June 12 and the show will close Sunday, June 13. Gallery hours art: Wed, Thur, Fri 3-6 pm, Sun 11 am-3pm, Jack London Sq., Oakland

I made a flyer for the show, sort of the beginnings of my manifesto about the work that is being done in this new medium. Not sure if people were reading it or not! I have posted an excerpt here, along with a link to download a pdf.

The iPhone IS a simple, limited, almost awful camera, which is part of its great allure for me personally. And I love the apps used for image manipulation, some of them clearly created by madmen. Almost every iPhontographer has a toolkit of apps he or she favors.
The images here are not manipulated as those in advertisements, or fashion magazines, or Playboy, to sell something, but rather to bring out the greater truth of the image for the artist – and this is where, after the initial shot is taken, the artist’s personality emerges. And, naturally, the subject of the photo tells us volumes about the artist as well.
The rule for this show, as always, was no manipulation on a computer, only on the iPhone. Download show leaflet here.