I just installed a new site traffic monitor to check a couple of things – the good news is that site traffic is up to about 1000 unique visitors a day once again. I am very happy about that.

The traffic monitor lists “Top Posts” and, for some reason, it listed this article from four years ago. Reading it brought back such memories. I had forgotten that I was ranting about rigged contests way back then. I was going to say that I couldn’t remember to which rigged contest I was referring, but it came back to me. More about present day rigged contests in a future post, perhaps.

A little background: Apple had asked me and the artists of P1xels to do some events at some of their stores around the country to expose the public to the kind of work that was being done in our brand new and very exciting artistic medium of iphonic art. Apple did not offer me or any of us any money to do this, but of course we jumped at the chance in our messianic zeal to promote the movement on everyone’s behalf.

I put out a call for submissions to show prints in the stores. It was free and open to everybody, but there was one stipulation: any image submitted could not have also been submitted on an iPhone art site that allowed computer (off-device) editing of images, specifically iphoneart.com and eyeem.com, both of whom allowed photoshopped work. I did this on purpose. I knew it would create a huge shit-storm and I was right.

Read the comments. It was like the wild wild west back then and we were fighting to define the soul of the medium. We prevailed, with Apple’s help.

Needless to say, we got about eighty million submissions for the Apple events, most of them absolutely awful. But we (I) looked at every picture that came in and printed and shipped the best ones to the other cities at our own expense.

In any case, this a fascinating port-hole to a not-so-distant past. I remember everybody involved, of course.

November 29 is the five-year anniversary of the launch of this website and our call for submissions for the first ever juried gallery show of iPhonic art. All the other sites from that early era are gone or moribund. P1xels is the last of the first movers standing. Luckily, I gave up on ever making any money here a long time ago, so I can just do it for the fun it.

I still love the art and the artists of P1xels.

I imagine I’ll be posting some other reflections, observations, experiences as we defined and promoted and helped create this new medium on the planet.

In the meantime, I hope you find this re-published article and the comments as enjoyable and as edifying as I did in reading it again.

Be sure to click on the page “2” link below the article to read the other fifty-seven wonderful comments!

Call For Submissions For Apple Events, Deadline October 6, Midnight


We have three immediate dates coming up, where Apple has asked us to bring the best of Pixels—The Art of the iPhone art into their stores to introduce iphonography to the public, along with some Pixels artists.

To be eligible, you must be a registered artist on this site. Regular contributors get preference over occasional contributors, mostly due to the fact that we are more aware of regular contributors, but the ultimate criterion is always the picture itself. Pictures must be family-friendly, since these are going into retail stores.

Existing dates are:

  1. Chicago, October 21
  2. New York Soho store, October 29 (unclear whether we will have prints in this one as yet)
  3. Santa Monica, November 11

You may simply write to us here if you want us to consider pictures that have already been posted or send in pictures via PixelEx app or email them to the same address, submissions@wwwpixelsatanexhibition.zippykid.it. Put Apple in the subject line. Please do not send or suggest more than ten. There is no submission fee.

Your image(s) must be exclusive to Pixels—The Art of the iPhone, your own website and/or your personal Flickr page. In other words, if you are posting your pictures on the contest sites or sites that allow computer editing of iphone images, do not submit or suggest them here for inclusion in the Apple events (or gallery shows), unless you have first removed them from those sites.

Lastly, if chosen, you will be asked to cover printing, hanging, and shipping costs for your print(s). This will come to about $30.00 for a 13″x19″ giclée print on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper, payable via PayPal, in advance.

This past year, we have underwritten two month-long  gallery shows, one art festival, and the first Apple event, but we can no longer do so. It is time for artists to pull their own freight: even van Gogh had to buy his paints and stretch his canvasses. We will mail the archival print, mounted on foamcore, to you after the event at no extra charge within the United States (outside the US we will ask you to cover postage).

If you are not ready to cover your costs, please do not answer this call for submissions.

Deadline for submissions: October 6. Selections will be announced October 10. Payment due by October 14, via PayPal. If you are traveling to the event to be a part of the event, you do not need to pay for your prints, naturally.

On another note: We still have prints from the OakBook Show, the Kahbang Festival, and the last Apple event. If you had a print in one of these shows, we would greatly appreciate your buying the print to help us out. We’ve run up quite a bill to get your art out there in front of the world. Please contact us via email.


  1. Agreed. Perfectly defined, in my opinion.

  2. Jordi,
    I have been using my iPhone for a couple of years but only recently wanted to push my work and get more involved in the community ( and I seem to have picked an interesting time to do so!) for me iPhoneography is an image taken and App’ed on the iPhone and nothing else ( printing excluded) if it moves beyond that ( photoshop etc) it becomes photography with an iPhone footnote, no less valid as a piece of art, just not iPhoneography.If we are to set iPhone art as a separate strand then it has to have a defined limit for it to standl For those that use iPhone and desktop etc their effort and art will define them as artists, but photographers not iphoneographers, and that might be in a piece by piece definition. I think Knox is making brave stand, and trying to ensure iPhoneography does endure and receive it’s just recognition.

    • Benamom, Jason and Jon :

      I know what iPhoneography is for me. And I take the photos on my iPhone , app them on iPhone, and post them from the iPhone. No photoshop. Just as you and Knox defends. But I’m not in Pixels.

      But I don’t care if any call me photographer, iphoneographer, artist, or whatever else like old guard or things like that.

      Jason, Jon and Benamom, we probably agree in most of all and I will respect anyone who respects me.

      The main problem is Knox pretends to have the true about iphonography, pretending that Pixels is the only way. And saying everyone who is not there what they are or not. You won’t find any word from me against any iphoneographer, in or out pixels. I have friends in and out.

      But I really believe that as long as Knox keeps presenting himself as the defender of iPhoneography excluding people based only in his own likes this will not be good for all the community. The idea “You’re not in Pixels you’re not an iPhoneography artists” just sucks.

      I will stop talking about pixels as soon as he presents himself as the curator of a group of artists under his curation, the Pixels artists, not as the iPhoneography truth holder.