The launch of this site – – is just the first of many changes and features you will find here in the coming days, well, maybe weeks.

I just got the 1.0 beta version of our iPhone app, PixelEx, which will tap right into the site, allowing you to browse freely, as well as upload your own pics to categories, title and tag them, add text, etc. It is so cool! Hopefully, we’ll have it available to you soon.

We are also working on new gallery shows. We want to tie geo-location into how you can find and submit pictures as well. Lots of stuff bubbling right now!

We believe that the iPhone is a whole new artistic medium and those of you who have submitted here are the pioneers. Your submissions to the gallery show have proven it to be true, of such caliber is the art. And we also believe we have the best and most eclectic collection of iPhone photography, thanks to you, one can find anywhere, and we’ve only just begun. —Knox

P.S. For now the old email address will work, if you need to write. Thanks!