I found this article on Flipboard. You can find it in P1XELS Magazine there or by clicking here. Phoblographer Magazine has published a detailed review of the lenses. Suffice it say, with my renewed interest in pushing my own boundaries again, thanks to the acquisition of an iPhone 11 Pro Max, I’m thinking these lenses are coming soon to 105th Avenue in Oaktown. Although … I just looked to see what our friends at Olloclip have going on lens-wise. They have not been resting on their laurels: Looks like some great gear at much. more affordable prices. Further research is needed.

Herewith an excerpt (you will definitely want to read the whole review).

Smartphone or mobile photography is becoming even more popular these days thanks to new devices that not only have pretty powerful cameras in them but also because of AI features as well. No matter how good the cameras are, though, you are usually stuck with whatever lenses the manufacturer decided to stick on the phone. Additional lenses for smartphones that clip over the base lenses aren’t new, but the quality of these lenses has been improving. We recently received some Wolffilms lenses to review, and we decided to put them to the test on one of the lastest smartphones to hit the market. How will they do? Find out in our full review after the break.


  • The genuinely excellent aluminum build quality
  • Sharp optics that produce distortion-free images (for the most part)
  • The case the lenses attach to is nice
  • A metal lens hood is included with some of the lenses
  • They just work. Attach to your phone and away you go


  • The aluminum housing is nice but the lenses do add significant weight to your phone and they make it top-heavy
  • They are a little pricey
  • The lens mounts are made of plastic which is a shame
  • The telephoto lens does suffer from soft corners

Gear Used

We used the Wolffilms lenses with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, though cases can be purchased for most iPhones and certain Samsung Galaxy Phones and Huawei smartphones.

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