Car Toon by k.b.

Here is a press release I sent out a couple weeks ago. I thought it might be good to share more details about the many features we are implementing in the new site.

Thank you all for your contributions so far! Please help to promote, i.e., click on all the buttons at the bottom of this article!) the campaign: that will be essential to our success in building this exciting new experiential platform for the global iphonic art movement. Thank you!

P1xels—The Art of the iPhone has launched an  Indiegogo Campaign to finance the long anticipated revamping of our website to create a wonderful new user experience for both the public and for our artists. P1xels remains the only curated iPhonic art site, dedicated to the promotion of artists and their work, and the iPhonic art movement itself, one picture at a time. Our new site, built with the most modern tools and coding, will offer a whole new experience for creators and consumers of the most exciting art form on the planet.

The Indiegogo campaign runs through the month of August.

The new site will reside at The existing fine-art print store at that address will become or something similar.

Future plans include opening the site to other mobile phone platforms after the launch. We have been impeded from such a move prior to this time due to our unique and time-consuming curation process. We could barely keep up with the iPhone submissions. The new site will alleviate many time constraints, although P1xels will always remain curated on the front end.

The link to the current Indiegogo campaign is

We have a wonderful selection of rewards for contributors, from prints, to t-shirts, music, digital downloads, and more.

Below is a list of features that will be implemented in the new site. As you can see, It is a transformational change that will allow for vastly increased interactivity, elegant site navigation, article/artist/gallery feature presentation/, artist tools, and so. We have been planning this for a while and we have listened to everyone who has written with feature requests.

This site rebuild will allow us to add some amazing features we have on the drawing boards down the road, as well.

But one step at a time!

Please visit the campaign page, check out the wonderful contributor rewards, share with your friends, get the word out. Thanks to everybody for your support and good thoughts! —Knox

P1xels 2.0 website features
1. Retina display support for iPad, iPhone, and any other Retina-display ready devices.
2. Touch-enabled navigation for mobile devices

  • modern html5 and css3 responsive design (adapts to any size screen)
  • a really cool new navigation interface for exploring our wonderful and huge collection of curated images, as well as galleries, interviews, and articles
  • built-in uploading from iphone/ipad (eventually will support other mobile devices)

3. Improved sharing features for site visitors and artists:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • pinterest
  • email
  • e-cards

4. Improved artist features on the site:

  • profile pages
  • artist galleries (P1xels will always remain curated on the front end, but we want artists to have the opportunity to show more of their work)
  • friend list
  • favorites
  • discussion boards/forums
  • submission queue (see what you’ve submitted, and what has been accepted)

5. Facebook integration for registration & login

6. E-commerce for unsigned prints & merchandise

On the team are:

Gustavo Lanzas, Senior Design and Tech,
Marty Yawnick, Blogger, Advisor,
unruly-e, Artist and Strategic Planning,
Dan Marcolina, Advisor, Affiliate Curator, Corporate Sponsor Relations
Cindy Patrick, Artist and Community Liason
Joanne Carter, Community Liason,
Alexandra Niki, Press,