Woman Once More 3

Like a nocturnal creature
Who wakes as sun goes down
To feed upon a darkened world
So woman rises
To shed away the hours spent in sensibility and worry
And fill the hollow left behind from tears
that fell like rivers
Down her flushed and sun kissed cheeks

Even now the air is heavy
With lists of chores and piles of dirty clothes in the corner
that today
were forgotten
But this must be ignored
The evening song is heard echoing down the hall
Where child sleeps
And dreams
Of sugar filled clouds and red balloons to sail away on
But this too must be ignored

For just this moment
This is hers
To forget
To feel upon her lips
The salty taste of renewed desire
And so she undresses
From the roles that she plays
To be naked
And free
before the time slips away
For just these few moments
She is woman once more