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Here are a bunch of pictures from the curation process of the PIXELS book a few years back. These were culled out on the last round of curation. Maia and I had gone through two rounds of curation already. The reality is that any of these could have made it into the book, too. So many incredible pictures from so many talent artists. Names are in the captions.



Mark Daniels ~ Exit Strategy

Delia Derbyshire and Anthony Newley ~ Moogies Bloogies

La la lala la la
La la lala la lala la la la
La la lala la la

Rain keeps falling, no one’s calling
I’ll tell you stright, kid, I’m in a state, kid
I’ve got the moogies, the dreaded bloogies
It’s raining. It’s pouring, the old man’s snoring.

There is a sad in my head place, face
A little grey coming through
A little down in the mouth place, face
Raing keeps falling, no onés calling

I’ll tell you stright, kid, I’m in a state, kid
I’ve got the moogies, the dreaded bloogies

La la lala la la
La la lala la lala la la la
La la lala la la

And it doesn’t help when you’re, when you’re watching them floating by
and you look at those litle mini skirts and little pink knees winking away
Wild hair lolloping about in the wind and those mad ear rings,
the clown faces and that gear! They’re hip-hugged and plastic-macked,
goggled and helmetted, booted and spurred…
Thank God I can control myself!

A little dream in my heart place, face
A little scene tucked away in my memory
A little girl and me went case, face
Rain kept falling, she stopped calling

D’you think she’s lonely and thinks about me
I’ve got the moogies, the dreaded bloogies
A little girl just walked by me, see
A little smile in here eye – Here we go again
A little rise in my blood rate, mate
It’s stopped raining, who’s complaining?
Goodbye moogies, bye bye bloogies

Oh, excuse me, sweetheart, er, my friend and I are having an argument
He says you’re a fashion model, I say you’re a film star
And as there’s a few quid in it I wondered if…
and oh, by the way are you Mrs. Um…?

This gem of a track was recorded in 1966 and was too extreme for commercial radio. It predated Kraftwerk by many years and David Blowie’s Low by a decade. Anthony Newley was a huge influence on Bowie. If you listen to Bowie’s very first album you’d swear Anthony Newley was singing at times. Delia was an early pioneer in electronic music who was also responsible for the Doctor Who theme.

Newley was an odd but super-talented bird and it’s no surprise how much David Bowie wanted to emulate him early on. Here’s another song I’m sure you know, written by Newley. And you will see the seeds of early David Bowie.

But no one did it better than Matt Monro.

Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the artist’s struggle with his limited medium.—Henri Matisse

This site celebrates images mostly shot and always processed on iPhones or other iOS devices. Occasionally, source images from DSLRs or other cameras are processed on iOS devices. 

No laptop or desktop computers are used for image manipulation.

Aim well, shoot fast, and scram.—Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Aim well, shoot fast, and app that bitch until it sings.—Knox Bronson.


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