I want to acknowledge the people who have generously contributed to the ongoing existence of Pixels—The Art of the iPhone. Some have contributed money, some have contributed their time, some have done both. I want to say, once again, that every contribution has meaning to me far beyond the monetary amount.


Maia Panos (both)
Ralph Benko
Gustavo Lanzas (both)


Daniel Berman (in kind)
Marty Yawnick (both)


Jon Betts (in kind)
Jamie Ferreyros (in kind)

Jen Pollak Bianco
Jennifer Bracewell (both)
Emily Rose (in kind)
Ramona Gillentine (in kind)

$100-249—Angelina Jansen
Clint Cline
Jody Frost
Cindy Patrick
Maria Weil
Shane Martin
Max Berkowitz (in kind)
Gordon Fraser
Karen Divine
Glenn Homann
Jose Chavarry (in kind)
David Schuster
Gina Sama

$50-99—Hans Borghorst
Alex Keele
Andrew B. White
Timothy Collins
Linda Schenck
Shirley Drevitch
Marcele Augustine
Amo Passicos
Scooter Lowrimore
Christopher Swink
Christian Peacock (in kind)


Gerard Godin
Roger Guetta
Fiona Christian
Tracy Munson
Kris Torma
Andrew Lucchesi
Sara McCracken
David Capponi

Here are the donors who gave generously to the Indiegogo campaign to finance a new P1xels website. If I overlooked someone, please let me know! Thank you all!

Aldo Pacheco
Ale Di Gangi
Alexandra Niki
Alon Goldsmith
Andrew Lucchesi
Andrew Proudlove
Andrew White
andy schmitt
Angie Jansen
Baron Wolman
Bobbi McMurry
Brad Juxt
Brad Steinberg
Brian Eaves
Candice Chidiac
candida royalle
Carol Ste. Marie
Cat Morris
Chad Rankin
Charles Kadlec
Christine Finkelson
Christine Sirois
Christopher Swink
Cindy Patrick
Colin Brown
Damian De Souza
Dan Marcolina
David Hayes
David Schuster
David Scott Leibowitz
Davide Capponi
Delta Martin
Dianne Poinski
Dieter Gaebel
Don Peach
Edgar Cuevas
Elaina Wilcox
Elaine Nimmo
Elizabeth Grilli
Ella Clarke
Elodie Hunting
Fabio D’Andrea
Federica Corbelli
Fiona Christian
Gabrielle Weil
George Politis
Gina Sama
ginny mangrum
gladys constanten
Glenn Homann
Glyn Evans
Guacira Naves
Hans Borghorst
Irene Oleksiuk
James Clarke
Jean-Christophe Polgar
Jim Cohee
Jody Frost
John Mallon
Karen Divine
Kris Torma
Lanie Heller
Lene Basma
Lene Basma
Linda A Schenck
Lindsey Thompson
Louis Mattarelli
Lu Guada
Lynda Martin
Maddy McCoy
Mansi Bhatia
Margrit Gunnarstein
Marie Matthews
Marie Whitehead
Marty Yawnick
Melissa Harrison
Mike Valdez
Nico Brons
Norma Phoenix
Norman Maslov
Patty Murray
Paul Toussaint
Petyr Campos
Pierre Hauser
Rad Drew
rebekah schiller
Rhonda Forsberg
Rino Rossi
Robert Kato
Roger Guetta
Rosanna Cappiello
Sara McCracken
scheryle reuss
Scooter Lowrimore
Sean Hayes
Shane Martin
Shirley Drevich
Stewart Bibby
Susan Thompson
Terin Christensen
Tom Swope
Tracy Thomas
Victoria Porter
warren Hukill
Wendell Peek

Pixels is a labor of love and always underfunded. Your financial contribution helps to cover maintenance, hosting, and developments costs. If you can help, send your donation via Paypal to

Thank you, all.